(*chanimations home^improvement SEASONPACK #01-04

“Everything you need for a wholesome home!”


A home-made pinUp Series
by (*chanimations

With sun slowly coming out, it’s time for some spring cleaning – and some overall home improvement!

So for the upcoming year, and as follow-up to (*chanimations fruitFetish! series, we’ll work our way through the next episode of calender girls. Our new vintage pin up series (*chanimations home^improvement goes right to the root of the pin-up dream: whimsical colors paired with classy girls in their home surrounding, doing normal things – just a tad bit more sexy and with our usual devious humor to bring a grin to your lips! Anything beyond that is left to your imagination. (oh and creativity of course, we’ve heard from a reliable source that some domestic fem-dominance hasn’t hurt any man either yet while cleaning the house *winks*)

All home^improvement props are equipped with a color change menu to allow most flexibility in staging your scene, to match your mood or your models’ outfits.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: home^improvement will be released in waves throughout the year, so that by the last quarter of 2010 you should be able to finish up a whole new calendar for 2011. Unfortunately time doesn’t allow this year to release it all in one side with a calenderPack – so we’ve added a seasonPack this year including some special added things, to give you the same discount just drawn out over time! Read more in the detailed descriptions below under ‘HOME^IMPROVEMENT TOKENS’ headline!


seasonPack #01-04 contains the following photography props and pose sets and added bonus goodies:

4 individually boxed SETS:

• (*chanimations home^improvement #01 – “SunnySideUp” (BOX),
• (*chanimations home^improvement #02 – “Chills&Thrills” (BOX),
• (*chanimations home^improvement #03 – “DirtyStuff” (BOX),
• (*chanimations home^improvement #04 – “StillHanging” (BOX)

Please unpack and move everything in your main folder – this way you have all items sorted n your inventory by theme!

(See the following posts on our blog for the content listing details and large pictures)

IMPORTANT for upgrade to calenderPack:

• (*chanimations home^improvement TOKEN SET #1-4

estimated time of release for the calender pack of set #1-12 is between August and October.
Please read paragraph below for detailed info on the tokens and make sure to not loose yours!

EXTRA GOODIES (only available with seasonPacks):

(copy/no mod/no trans)
• (*chanimations home^improvement photoBox #01-04 – 5 PRIMS
• (*chanimations home^improvement photoBox w/furniture (rez-faux) – 55 PRIMS + 9 PRIMS FOR REZ-FAUX BOX

(copy/no mod/no trans)
• (*chanimations seasonPack #01-04 multiPosestand – 4 PRIMS (optional)

Furniture Props (w/o poses):
(copy/no mod/no trans)
• (*chanimations wallPoster “SuperCleanser w/wholesome Guarantee” – 1 PRIM
• (*chanimations kitchenLamp – 7 PRIMS
• (*chanimations floorShelves w/laundry – 9 PRIMS
• (*chanimations kitchenShelf w/pots – 21 PRIMS
• (*chanimations stageWindow w/longCurtains – 6 PRIMS
• (*chanimations stageWindow w/curtains – 6 PRIMS

• (*chanimations ‘StillHanging?’ multiPosestand – 4 PRIMS (optional)

Attach HUD or Rezz:
(copy/no mod/no trans)
• (*chanimations (HUD or rezz) – comicBubble “narativeThin”
• (*chanimations (HUD or rezz) – comicBubble “narrativeWide”
• (*chanimations (HUD or rezz) – comicBubble “banner”
• (*chanimations (HUD or rezz) – comicBubble “thought”
• (*chanimations (HUD or rezz) – comicBubble “speak”
• (*chanimations (HUD or rezz) – comicBubble “largeSpeak”


The content listing of each set is included in separate notecards to make them easier to read!

All furniture items in the seasonPack include color menus, so you can create your own special photo background matching to the props of the home^improvement series! ‘Options’ menu allows you to set permissions on who else is allowed to use the menus for each item – rezzing default is set to OWNER, so please change the permissions if you need others to use them as well.

(only included in seasonPacks)

(*chanimations home^improvement will add up again to a calenderPack of 12 sets – unfortunately time will not allow to finish them all together, so we’ll go a different route in our release routine this time:

We’ve added a seasonPack comprising 4 sets at a discounted price to this series, which will be available with a token-item (until calenderPack release) that you can collect and turn in to receive all missing added bonuses of the calenderPack for free in exchange. So if you’re the type of person who would naturally go for fat-packs rather than singles, you won’t be at disadvantage and there’s no need to wait for the calenderPack release! :-D
We will keep you informed on the process through our update groups and blog when it comes closer.


As rule of thumb: all poses and props come with copy/no transfer/no modify permissions, and all attachments allow transfer but no copy, so can pass them to your model if needed.


These can be used either as HUD (just wear the item) or rezzed. If you click them, you will receive a resize menu.

• If worn as HUD:
Make sure you click the ‘show HUD objects in snapshot’ checkbox in your snapshot window. (Click ‘more>>’ if the options are not visible when opening snapshot menu) – it is a good idea to move your other HUDS out of the screen while using this or take them off completely so they don’t show as well.

• If rezzed:
The size differences of HUD objects and REZZED objects is quite remarkable, for that reason if you decide to rezz them, use the REZZED SUBMENU in the dialog (those are marked with * after the size)


Nearly all textures for these sets are custom made by Chandra Meehan for (*chanimations and deviousMind – if you find them used by anybody else not connected to us, please help protect original content and immediately inform us with as much information (names, LMs, screenshots) as you can provide! Thank you in advance!


The photostage and all pose props include an update script, which will check for free upgrades when it is rezzed – to not loose the information of your adjusted poses through rezzing, you can call for the update manually by typing “/12update” (without quotes) in open chat. (You rezz only one of the versions to receive the update, no need to do it with each of the included items).

We keep you informed through our mainstore and our blog should a product have received an update, so no need for you to worry about missing something:

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