…more photoStages and prefabs at deviousLiving


Just letting you know – our prefabs and some of the photostages moved into an own building as well! Some of those are things we released a while back but had them hidden well away it seems :-D

Want the Maid to take you there? “Voilá, Madame, Monsieur, deviousMind 68/38/30, here’s your ride.

A short introduction of the things we moved so far (click images for larger size!):

deviousLiving prefabs and photostages:

deviousMind-The Loft_prefab“The Loft”

The Loft was created as a prefab skybox or ground home (requires terraforming if you use it on the ground – or creativity with your building structure).

It has a very natural and still elegant-modern feel to it, comes with privacy blinds for its windows and a glass roof to let the sun in or watch the moon wander. To complete its modern elegant look and interesting interiour architecture, The Loft has reflective floors and was made with custom textures made specifically for this build. (not the furniture).

The Loft has a 27×20 footprint and is 267 prims in the furnished version and 121 for the unfurnished versions.

deviousMind- RetroSpace_prefab“Retro Space”

As the name implys, Retro Space is an ecclectic mix of retro styles from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s all brought together in the unique way only deviousMind can! While this special skybox is desgined to take you back in time, we most certainly didn’t travel there while making it! Retro Space’s interior is designed with sculpted prims and beautifully shadowed textures to give your Retro Home a fresh fun look that’s modern in SL design. All furniture is included, as well as little added goodies like lava lamps, discoballs, and of course that old vintage bright pink fridge you always wanted. *winks*

Retro Space has a 20×20 footprint and is 197 prims furnished!

deviousPoses_PeepShow_photostage“Peep Show”

The Peep Show is a small box designed for club owners and photographers, it is perfect for use as a private dance room or a private little naughty photo session. The Peep Show includes a STATIC (Not animated) dance pole with 6 diffrent poses for the dancer, as well as one chair with 3 male and 3 female sits for the patron.

The Peep Show is only 29 prims and sits on a 8×8 foot print.


“Interogation Bunker”

The interrogation bunker was designed for the adult oriented story tellers of second life, a prefab with high quality textures, poses, and a few scripted objects to allow you to fully immerse yourself into a role playing/photography experince or a nice build to compliment any other sim build or private residence. The bunker contains two cells with sliding doors, a working shower, table and chair, ash tray, water basin, and overhead lighting. It is available with and without (adult) poses.

…..and more!

so stop by, and don’t miss out on our demo rezzer at the platform! TP sign is right next to the entrance door of deviousLiving :-D

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