Entries “Quick&Dirty” challenge!


So quick and dirty went into round two…


“Quick&Dirty” is a challenge we run regularly in very spontaneous intervals, it’s only one day, simply for fun and EXCLUSIVE for group members of (*chanimations and !dM deviousMind UPDATE group. It is only announced in-world in these two groups to give everybody a little reward for sticking with us – so likely that would be the reason why you’ve never heard of it so far! :-D

All pictures of Quick&Dirty from February/March 2010 are currently exhibited in the (*chanimations theater, top floor above the lobby, along with the info on who our winners were this time and info on which things everybody used. (Just click the images for dialog menu!)

As already in September 2009, we’ve been totally in awe of all the entries!

Giftboxes are already distributed (aside from a very few who I couldn’t reach so far yet – so if you participated and didn’t receive the present box yet, please get in touch with me!)

Congratulations to everybody who picked up the challenge, you totally succeeded (and superceeded all expectations) and are SO the best – but we knew that already!


Credits for images:

There’s no specific order other than sorting by colors to fit into the collage :-D – so names are sorted in a way that allows you to see which image was created by whom. Some are likely a bit streched in some direction as I’m not so sure if they were taken with screen resolution proportions, or in the 512×512 square – so for easier arranging them in the cluster all (or nearly all) is squared for now! Original proportions can be seen in our exhibition at the theater!

Top image, upper left to lower right, each row starting lefthand:

Nightmare Lykin, Marina Storaro, Shian Moonites, WildHeart Paine
Aurore Clarity, Elise Capalini, Jewel MacMoragh, Alexandra Bayn
Catherine Fairport, MoonPrincessSerena Quintessa, Nastjenka Navarita, AuroraRose Magic

Right image, top to bottom:

Hela Azalee, Sabbian Paine, Damion Theas, Gudia Inshan, Razzie Lange

Bottom image, upper left to lower right, each row starting lefthand:

Red Pralou, ChaCha Martini, Kimi Karillion, Shannon Kaffebaum
Jessie Reyes, Jaida Bayn, Claudine Nikolaidis


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