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It’s one of these things – once you watched them for a while, you just WANT one… or more! And to bring this experience as well into your virtual home, we’ve went through the process of creating you those smooth running lava lamp fluid motions in animated textures, combined with glow and light for an authentic 70s flair. They can be found along with the other ‘psychedelic’ items that you might know already from our park area now in an own building at the south-end of the sim, right next to deviousPizza photospot.


!dM deviousMind offers you two classic styles of LavaLamps:


• !dM BulletLavaLamp – 4 PRIMS
The classic lava lamp, with a wide base getting thinner
towards the top – decorated with an additional colored
glow line at the top of the metal holder.
• !dM RocketLavaLamp – 6 PRIMS
Modern slim and tall lamps, shaped like a rocket with
smoothly rounded off caps. Let them take you to space!

Both lamp styles are available in 5 individually packed color options –
the fluid color is mentioned first, the color of the lava liquid is named second:


As well available an **ALL COLOR** pack which includes all of the ‘Bullet’ or ‘Rocket’ version, as well as the **MEGAPACK** containing all colors of both ‘Bullet’ AND ‘Rocket’ styles plus one bonus-color **PINK/GREEN**!

(applies to all our LavaLamps)

For the full authentic feeling, these LavaLamps make the use of BASIC SHADERS mandatory. Those can be enabled in preferences (Graphics Tab).
As well you have to have ‘Animate Textures’ turned on – This should be on by default, but if it’s off you need to do the following:

• Open ‘ADVANCED’ menu by pressing [ctrl]+[alt]+[shift]+D
• Then go into ‘RENDERING’ and make sure you see an X marking ‘Animate Textures’

In case you cannot run SL with basic shaders, an alternative version of the lamps is included in the box, marked with (lowGraphic) in the object name – these contain no glow and have different prim values trying to imitate the effect that glow creates.

When clicking the top metal cover of the lava lamp, you can toggle light on/off – to see any effect, ‘Local and Nearby Lights’ rendering has to be enabled in SL preferences (Graphics Tab). The light emits in an radius of 10m.

Make sure the sim you are in allows for scripts to run!

Keep your eyes open for further livingRoom goodies in the future –
In the meantime, enjoy watching your new lamp!


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