..preparing for **MARDI GRAS**


samba_042_resizeAs indicated already in my post last week (see here to get all the details), I’m very excited to show you the first ‘complete’ previews of our **MARDI GRAS** color release of our new ‘Carnevale’ costume for deviousBeauty. (Not sure yet if this will be the final name of it, but it’s good enough for a working title for now :-D) Click the images for a larger view! (JavaScript needs to be enabled on your Browser for this function.)

The concept is simple: Our lucky chairs at deviousMind sim are filled with all the parts to this costume spread over several boxes – and from now on until the beginning of carneval season with enough time to piece it together until Mardi Gras.  So in that time, you’ll either end up with your full outfit, or you can use whichever parts of it you won as accessories to other things you have. A few more things will be added over the weeks.

The store-version of the costume will be released in our regular (*chanimations and deviousBeauty colors short before carneval season. – I haven’t decided yet if the **MARDI GRAS** color will be in the regular release as well or stay exclusive for the lucky chairs… we shall see :-D

So far added boxes are:

• TopHat&Cane in **GOLD**, **YELLOW** and **PURPLE**
• seqins&feather Fans
• featherFans in **YELLOW** and **PURPLE**
• sequinsCorset & featherWheel **MARDI GRAS** (includes as well the stockings and gloves)
• diamondLingerie in **ABSINTHE** green
• beadsNecklace **MARDI GRAS**
• sequinsTassles & garterBand **MARDI GRAS**
• sequinsMasks **MARDI GRAS**
• sequinsFlowers **MARDI GRAS** (includes hairFlowers, a costumeFlower, stockings, gloves and sequinsShorts in gold)

Hope the colors get the winter blues out of you all!


The lucky chairs can be found all over (*chanimations and deviousBeauty, and if you’re searching your traditionally known red chair-chair, then you’re in for a surprise :-D We’ve taken it upon us to define what a ‘real’ deviouslyLuckyChair should look like and customized you a few alternatives to try and enjoy. They all contain the same prizes, so you can pick the one that suits your flavor best. *evil grin* The traditional ‘Lucky Chair’ symbol and winning boards as designed by Shep Korvin will be your clear indicator where to sit on :-D

Also please take note, our sim is adult and you will need to be age verified OR payment info on file with Linden Labs to visit us. As well, if you are opposed to adult content, don’t visit the respective store section in our sim to save yourself the headache! There’s enough street signs (with TP function) all over the place to help you find what you are looking for.

2 Responses to “..preparing for **MARDI GRAS**”

  • Claudine Nikolaidis says:

    Hi, Chandra!
    Congrats again for the great work!!! Where are these boots from? They’re very nice! And please, stop for a while with the releases… I don’t have enough money to buy it all :P

  • Chandra says:

    *laughs* thank you so much Claudine! the good news is THIS outfit is free, if you bring the patience to piece it together and well… with some luck :-D I think quite a few grabbed a good amount of the pieces already, so it should be possible!

    The boots are from pixelfashion (think that is the name, but I’ll drop you the LM inworld) – it’s their new release and should be found still in the new release corner. Each color comes with 4 shades, so it’s a great deal I think. :-D

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