The Grid’s first Lucky Elephant!

…well at least I am sure it must be the first, as I haven’t seen another one yet :-D Elise’s little sister, we named her “Lucky”, is replacing our Lucky Presents which we had during christmas season.

So the good news is:

There are as well new presents! – Not so sure you’ll be able to trade them with Lucky for peanuts, but I think with patience she will share something from time to time.

Lucky The Elephant

With Carneval and Mardi Gras upcoming, we’ll skip Valentine’s Day, there’s enough freebies out for it already anyhow – and rather offer you a full outfit that can be pieced together in the time leading up to carneval season. So far added to the Lucky Chair Vault are still our yellow and purple feather Fans, and new items are **MARDI GRAS** TopHat and Cane in the colors *GOLD* and *PURPLE*, as well as our diamondLingerie in *ABSINTHE* green. There are a few things more in progress, that will be added over the next few weeks.

DiamondLingerie *ABSINTHE*FetishCabaret_CagedCandles_blue

Other than that, if you really want to win something you don’t need to stay at one chair — ummm — elephant. Head on the the next section of the store, for a few more surprising ways to win a little something. Let’s just say – I had A LOT of fun setting up the chairs for you, you will see :-D

Pictures of the current prizes are laid out in front of the one on our main stage in (*chanimations theater, so you have an approximate idea if something new is in or something is out. Or follow the announcements through our update group.

Have fun, and good luck! Need SLURL? Here’s your ride!!

And last but not least:

A very, very big THANK YOU to Lucky Chair creator Shep Korvin, who didn’t blink a moment and helped me out with a customized script to make a dream of a lucky elephant come true :-D — and if you’re having fun with the elephant and happen to meet  Shep inworld,  say a big thank you too! *grins*

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