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Tired of ‘the perfect location’ and finding out there are no rezzing rights? Tired of studio-backgrounds and flat images that don’t leave much room for camera angles? We’re gonna change that!

Our series of photostages will offer you quick access to whichever world you’re looking for… It doesn’t matter anymore if you have your shootings at your home sim or simply a public sandbox – Make the sky your stage. Whenever. Whereever!

As with all our creations, with much love for the detail, high quality custom textures and allowing you as much flexibility as possible, with as little prims as possible!

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“Softly the steps echo against the walls, as your descending into the darkness…”


-Sourceress Lair-

As the name indicates, the ‘Sourceress Lair’ is our stageing addition to (*chanimations Sourceress series and offers a perfect background blend to all the current and future sets availabe, as well as those pieces released in our ‘!dM Evil Furniture’ series. The build is themed in a medieval fantasy & magic style, softly patterned velvet fabric and precious stones decorating the walls between old stone pillars on the upper level, and a ritual room crafted of dark stone on the lower level – or you could make it a medieval gorean flavor throne-room with attached dungeon if that’s the direction you want to furnish it *laughs*. The stage would allow for both options.

The photostage itself does not include any poses or furniture, but contains three different sizes of fire bowls with softly flickering animated fire-textures. A version with lightsource or without SL light is included of each size. Please keep in mind: To see the difference, ‘basic shaders’ and ‘nearby local lights’ must be enabled in preferences AND it requires for you to be within a radius of 10m for the small and 20m for the larger firebowls!

Lair_parlourRoomThe photostage is menu-driven and allows you to pick between 4 colors (red, brown, blue or black) as well as a privacy mode with solid outside walls, or photography mode which will turn 2 of the outer walls to transparent to allow you easier navigation with the camera should you wish an agle close to the wall. ‘Options’ menu allows you to set permissions who may control the menu besides you, it allows for owner only, group, or public use. Default on rezzing is set to OWNER. All scripts run as MONO.


• (*chanimations – Sourceress PhotoStage <24x24x12m> – 35 PRIMS
• (*chanimations – Sourceress LP PhotoStage <24x24x12m> – 25 PRIMS
• (*chanimations – Sourceress FireBowl (large w/light) – 5 PRIMS
• (*chanimations – Sourceress FireBowl (medium w/light)- 5 PRIMS
• (*chanimations – Sourceress FireBowl (small w/light)- 5 PRIMS
• (*chanimations – Sourceress FireBowl (large)- 5 PRIMS
• (*chanimations – Sourceress FireBowl (medium)- 5 PRIMS
• (*chanimations – Sourceress FireBowl (small)- 5 PRIMS

All content comes (copy/no mod/no transfer).


We try to keep our photostages as low-prim as possible – so they are stages, and not replacement for homes and sim-decorations (unless you don’t mind the fact the outside shape is simply a black block). Please keep this in mind.

Anyhow, here the stats:

LairAirealSourceress Lair Photostage is build on a basis of 24×24 squaremeters, and approx. 12m height. The entrance to the box is on the upper left corner, so you enter from top and all levels are ‘underground’. You could attach it as a ‘basement’ to a skybox or plattform, or if you have terraforming rights on the land you own, you can use the box as basement-level of a building and simply move it underground. (make sure the land is high enough to not hit water).

Alltogether, the full stage consists of 35 prims for the main build, plus additional prims depending on how many firebowls you choose to rezz. A low-prim version of the stage is included with 25 prims, for this version the lightsources, carpet leading to the plattform on the upper floor, and the colums in the room of the lower floor have been taken out.



To access the color and options menu, you need to click the wall behind the little plattform on the upper floor (the diagonal short one) – rezzing default is set to OWNER only, if you like others to be able to use it, you can change the setting under ‘Options’.

And beyond that, as with everything scripted: Make sure you are in a sim that allows for scripts to run!


The textures for this set (except animated fire texture) are custom made by Chandra Meehan for (*chanimations and deviousMind – if you find them used by anybody else not connected to us, please inform us! Thank you in advance!


If you have problems with sculpties seeming rough edged and not properly rezzing – go to Advanced Menu (if it doesn’t show on the top bar, press CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-D to show it), Debug Setting… – type ‘RenderVolumeLODFactor’ (without quotes) and set it to 4.000. It will take a short moment and your sculpties will render smoother when looking at them from a distance! Search the Wiki if you want more info about the RenderVolumeLODFactor.


The photostage includes an update script which will check for free upgrades when it is rezzed. Alternatively, you can call for the update manually by typing “/12update” (without quotes) in open chat when the box is rezzed already – make sure you are at the entrance of the box to be in chatrange for the script. As well, you don’t need to check daily for updates yourself, we keep you informed through our mainstore and our blog should a product have received an update: http://chanimations.deviousmind.net/about/updated/

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