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deviousEyes: “AngelDust” series

..that devious spark in your eyes..

deviousEyes 'AngelDust' series - click to enlarge image

!dM deviousEyes “AngelDust”
by !dM deviousMind

!dM deviousEyes “AngelDust” comes in two different versions, one with a regular ‘daytime’ sized pupil, and a second ‘delirium’ version with dilated pupils as you would encounter during night-time, or if artificially induced with eyedrops, or as reaction to physical sensations.

The size of eyes in SL is dependend on different aspects of your shape – and for that reason, we’ve included 3 different sizes of each version in this eye set, to allow you to find the one that is perfect for you! You find the eye sets at deviousBeauty building, lefthand of the park.


These eyes are a co-production of Lucca Staheli and Chandra Meehan and 100% illustrated. They are created for (*chanimations and deviousMind – if you find them used by anybody else not connected to us, please inform us! Thank you in advance for your support!

We hope you’ll enjoy your new eyes!



Drops prepared from the belladonna plant (Italian: ‘beautiful Lady’) were used to dilate women’s pupils throughout history, an effect considered attractive. Eventually, it was found out this plant is highly poisonous, and would as well cause harm to the eye muscles. These days, non-poisonous eyedrops are sometimes still used in fashion-photography to achieve this ‘beautiful lady’ effect with their models. (*and at this point, the mandatory subtitle blinks up on the screen* “Now please don’t try this at home kids, looking into flash-light like that is harmful too” *winks*)


Eyes and certain characteristics of eyes are important part of body language.. they indicate if somebody is for example tired, scared, in shock, excited or aroused. So they give subtle unconscious hints to the one looking into them – maybe this is why they are called ‘windows of the soul’ by some people. While science takes this all into pieces (and I am sure you can investigate more on it), it is said that subconsciously we find larger pupils attractive. It might be connected to the ‘puppy eye’ effect or simply our inner self knowing that it might indicate arousal :-D

BurlesqueCouture and Carnival: “La Chouette du Paradis”

Following our current Lucky Chair color **MARDI GRAS**,  we’re thrilled to intoduce now the full color release of “La Chouette du Paradis” – Burlesque Couture by deviousMind and (*chanimations as perfect fashion addition for any showgirl’s performance or to our (*chanimations props&pose sets.    (click pictures in this post to enlarge them)

“Chasing the Winter away….”


“La Chouette du Paradis”
Burlesque Couture and Carnival Costume
by !dM deviousMind

“La Chouette du Paradis” – the little owl of paradise – comes just in time for carneval season from it’s hideout. So be prepared for lots of sequins! Lots of feathers! And not to forget, a large number of pieces included for many combination options to customize your look to your liking.

Inspired by a mixture of global carneval traditions to celebrate the end of winter and chase those deamons away, you’ll find an eclectic mix of burlesque couture with samba and Carnaval do Brazil in the back feather pieces, traditional Mardi Gras symbols in long beads necklaces and fleur-de-lis ornaments, and of course masks as you would encounter at the Carnevale di Venezia – the owl-like features of these is what gave the costume set its name.

This illustrated costume consists of a variety of different items and clothing layers, to allow you utmost flexibility when styling your avatar. Aside from the base clothing pieces like gloves, golden fishnet thigh highs or full pentihose option, sequins panties or sequinsShorts paired with a sexy netTop, you will find two different styles of the main costume pieces as featherWheel or sequinsFlowers and matching to each, differnt types of ornament attachment for the corset and stockings. And to round it all off, two types of hairflowers and three differnt mask options, and long beads necklaces as alternative to the corset ornaments (please see full list of content in the following).


Those attachments that may require resizing can be adjusted by touch through a resize menu. Please see included notecard for details.

As well included is an UPDATE CHECK to keep you up to date with every piece of this outfit – please read all information at the end of the content listing.

La Chouette comes in 8 different colors, **BLACK**, **WHITE**, **RED**, **ROSE**, **PINK**, **BLUE**, **TEAL**, **PURPLE** and if you like them all in one, as an **ALL COLORS** pack! (The colors are corresponding to all of our past (*chanimations feather props&pose set releases)

You should find the following things in your new couture box, each in the color corresponding to your purchase:

Clothing layers:

Jacket layer:
• !dM Chouette – sequinsCorset/AB w/netTop **
• !dM Chouette – sequinsCorset/AB **
• !dM Chouette – netTop **GOLD**

Shirt layer:
• !dM Chouette – sequinsCorset/A bodice **
• !dM Chouette – sequinsCorset/A **
• !dM Chouette – netTop **GOLD**

Undershirt layer:
• !dM Chouette – sequinsCorset/A bodice **
• !dM Chouette – sequinsCorset/A **
• !dM Chouette – netTop **GOLD**

Pants layer:
• !dM Chouette – sequinsCorset/B bodice **
• !dM Chouette – sequinsCorset/B **
• !dM Chouette – sequinsPanties **DARK GOLD**
• !dM Chouette – sequinsPanties **GOLD**
• !dM Chouette – sequinsShorts **GOLD**
• !dM Chouette – sequinsShorts&pantyhose **GOLD**

Underpants layer:
• !dM Chouette – sequinsCorset/B bodice **
• !dM Chouette – sequinsCorset/B **
• !dM Chouette – sequinsPanties **DARK GOLD**
• !dM Chouette – sequinsPanties **GOLD**
• !dM Chouette – sequinsShorts **GOLD**
• !dM Chouette – sequinsShorts&pantyhose **GOLD**

Socks layer:
• !dM Chouette – sequinsStockings **GOLD**
• !dM Chouette – pantyhose (footpart) **GOLD**

Gloves layer:
• !dM Chouette – sequins&net Gloves **GOLD**

Prim attachments with resize option:

• !dM Chouette – featherWheel ** – pelvis

(Please see included notecard for information about used resize script)


Prim attachments no mod/without resize:

• !dM Chouette – costumeFlower ** – pelvis
• !dM Chouette – flowerOrnament ** – chest
• !dM Chouette – corsetOrnament ** – chest
• !dM Chouette – stockingOrnament ** – left
• !dM Chouette – stockingOrnament ** – right
• !dM Chouette – beadsNecklace/A ** – chest
• !dM Chouette – beadsNecklace/B ** – spine
• !dM Chouette – hairFlower ** – chin
• !dM Chouette – 3 hairFlowers ** – chin
• !dM Chouette – sequinsMask w/feathers **
• !dM Chouette – sequinsMask w/tiara **
• !dM Chouette – sequinsMask w/headDress **

Checking for Updates:

• !dM Chouette ** – CHECK FOR UPDATE (rezz)

** equals your color choice in the item name of the respective pieces.
(available colors are **BLACK**, **WHITE**, **RED**, **ROSE**, **PINK**, **BLUE**, **TEAL**, **PURPLE** or all of the beforementioned in the **ALL COLORS** pack!)

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..preparing for **MARDI GRAS**


samba_042_resizeAs indicated already in my post last week (see here to get all the details), I’m very excited to show you the first ‘complete’ previews of our **MARDI GRAS** color release of our new ‘Carnevale’ costume for deviousBeauty. (Not sure yet if this will be the final name of it, but it’s good enough for a working title for now :-D) Click the images for a larger view! (JavaScript needs to be enabled on your Browser for this function.)

The concept is simple: Our lucky chairs at deviousMind sim are filled with all the parts to this costume spread over several boxes – and from now on until the beginning of carneval season with enough time to piece it together until Mardi Gras.  So in that time, you’ll either end up with your full outfit, or you can use whichever parts of it you won as accessories to other things you have. A few more things will be added over the weeks.

The store-version of the costume will be released in our regular (*chanimations and deviousBeauty colors short before carneval season. – I haven’t decided yet if the **MARDI GRAS** color will be in the regular release as well or stay exclusive for the lucky chairs… we shall see :-D

So far added boxes are:

• TopHat&Cane in **GOLD**, **YELLOW** and **PURPLE**
• seqins&feather Fans
• featherFans in **YELLOW** and **PURPLE**
• sequinsCorset & featherWheel **MARDI GRAS** (includes as well the stockings and gloves)
• diamondLingerie in **ABSINTHE** green
• beadsNecklace **MARDI GRAS**
• sequinsTassles & garterBand **MARDI GRAS**
• sequinsMasks **MARDI GRAS**
• sequinsFlowers **MARDI GRAS** (includes hairFlowers, a costumeFlower, stockings, gloves and sequinsShorts in gold)

Hope the colors get the winter blues out of you all!


The lucky chairs can be found all over (*chanimations and deviousBeauty, and if you’re searching your traditionally known red chair-chair, then you’re in for a surprise :-D We’ve taken it upon us to define what a ‘real’ deviouslyLuckyChair should look like and customized you a few alternatives to try and enjoy. They all contain the same prizes, so you can pick the one that suits your flavor best. *evil grin* The traditional ‘Lucky Chair’ symbol and winning boards as designed by Shep Korvin will be your clear indicator where to sit on :-D

Also please take note, our sim is adult and you will need to be age verified OR payment info on file with Linden Labs to visit us. As well, if you are opposed to adult content, don’t visit the respective store section in our sim to save yourself the headache! There’s enough street signs (with TP function) all over the place to help you find what you are looking for.

!dM Vintage CigaretteHolder **COLOR PACK**


CigaretteHolder **COLOR PACK**
by !dM deviousMind and (*chanimations
BurlesqueCouture and Accessories

No smoking vintage Diva is complete without an elegant cigarette holder to underline her sense of style – and for that reason, we made one that covers all aspects with the ultimate CigaretteHolder **COLOR PACK**, which you will find at our  deviousBeauty section on the sim.


• !dM deviousMind: Cigarette Holder **BLACK/GOLD**
• !dM deviousMind: Cigarette Holder **GOLD&WOOD**
• !dM deviousMind: Cigarette Holder **SEQUINS&GOLD**

• !dM deviousMind: Cigarette Holder **BLACK/SILVER**
• !dM deviousMind: Cigarette Holder **SEQUINS&SILVER**

The CigaretteHolder does NOT contain any pose or motion with it, and its cigarette emits soft particles in time intervalls as smoke.


The basic color options **BLACK/GOLD**, **BLACK/SILVER**, **GOLD&WOOD** are other than the particles unscripted. Both cigarette holders with sequins allow you to pick the color of the sequins part, simply click on this section ofthe holder for menu. Included colors are black, white, red, pink, purple, gold, light blue and teal/turquoise for each the SILVER and the GOLD version – adding up to 16 combination options, plus the 3 basics for a total of 19 possibilities (not all are shown in the picture).


All textures for the items included in this set are all created by Chandra Meehan for (*chanimations and deviousMind – if you find them used by anybody else not connected to us, please inform us! Thank you in advance!

UPDATED: “MoulinRouge” BurlesqueCouture

The Couture add-on to our FetishCabaret set has been reviewed and extended – quite honestly, when it was first released there was no itention of going deeper into clothing items so it was more of an add-on accessory to lingerie or other things. This has changed though, and with that, it was extended by tassles, pasties and sequinsPanties, to form one complete outfit. If you have purchased the old version of the set and like to receive the missing items (of course without any added costs!) please drop a notecard with transaction history (if you have it) or the color you purchased and the approximate time (right-click an item in your inventory, and look up ‘aquired’ date under properties) so I can cross-check it with my own transaction history and send you the new pack. But now enough of all the talking: here it is, in new look of our vendor boards as well!


by !dM deviousMind and (*chanimations

!dM deviousMind presents along with (*chanimations FetishCabaret SET 20 the matching BurlesqueCouture add-on “MoulinRouge”.  PLEASE TAKE NOTE, the Couture Line does NOT contain any poses, if you are looking for those please check the FetishCabaret release!


Clothing layer (copy/no transfer/no modify):

• (*MoulinRouge sequinsGloves **
•  !dM – MoulinRouge diamondPasties ** (jacket layer)
•  !dM – MoulinRouge diamondPasties ** (shirt layer)
•  !dM – MoulinRouge diamondPasties ** (undershirt layer)
•  !dM – MoulinRouge diamondPanties ** (pants layer)
•  !dM – MoulinRouge diamondPanties ** (unterpants layer)

Attachments (copy/no transfer/no mod – modify with resize script):

• (*MoulinRouge GloveFeathers ** – right (w/resize)
• (*MoulinRouge GloveFeathers ** – left (w/resize)
• (*MoulinRouge SequinsBustle ** (w/resize)
• (*MoulinRouge SequinsSkirt ** (w/resize)
• (*MoulinRouge Cane ** (w/resize)
• (*MoulinRouge TopHat ** (w/resize)
•  (*MoulinRouge Tassels ** (click to adjust placement)

Checking for Updates:

• MoulinRouge ** CouturePack – CHECK FOR UPDATE (rezz)

First time in our series of releases, MoulinRouge comes with a standard color of attachments in the pose&props box, and all the colors corresponding to our previously released (*chanimations feather sets “ShowGirl”, “ShowDiva” and “FeatherQueen” in our burlesque couture section as COPY/no transfer clothing packs. We have decided to go this route this time to allow you to save your pieces with your favorite outfit combination, as well as easily delete all resize scripts after adjustment.

Available colors are **WHITE**, **BLACK**, **RED**, **PINK**, **BLUE**, **PEACOCK**, **WINTERBURLESQUE** and a color addition in full black (similar to the one in our pose&props pack) **SATINLATEX**

The feathers are digitally illustrated – so no fuzzy halos or edges and only 100% feather goodness mixed with shiney sequins and stones, for a burlesque performance that will stay in mind! Size of all pieces can be adjusted by click through a simple resize script, and you are able to store the new size if you’d like – please read included notecard about the resize script functions for further details.


Align the tassles at the correct height of your chest – by clicking it, the placement can be adjusted to find the correct match to cover up the nipples. A preset of 20 different sizes is saved in the tassles. You can wear them as stand-alone, or in combination with the texture layer pasties – have fun!

And as with everything scripted: Make sure you are in a sim that allows for scripts to run!
Enjoy your new costume!



The pack includes an object named “MoulinRouge CouturePack – CHECK FOR UPDATE (rezz)” which will check for free upgrades to any of the content of this set. We’ve included this so you will be up-to-date on all changes that might occur of any of the items and scripts in this set

When rezzing, it will take a short while before the update client connects to our server and you will receive your free Upgrade should any be available. In the rare case when it doesn’t automatically connect, you can call for the update manually by typing “/12update” (without quotes) in open chat right next to the object. As well, you don’t need to check daily yourself, we keep you informed through our mainstore by adding the same ‘updated’ sign as in this object around our vendor, as well it will be listed on our blog:


All textures for the items included in this set are all created by Chandra Meehan for (*chanimations and deviousMind – if you find them used by anybody else not connected to us, please inform us! Thank you in advance!

The Grid’s first Lucky Elephant!

…well at least I am sure it must be the first, as I haven’t seen another one yet :-D Elise’s little sister, we named her “Lucky”, is replacing our Lucky Presents which we had during christmas season.

So the good news is:

There are as well new presents! – Not so sure you’ll be able to trade them with Lucky for peanuts, but I think with patience she will share something from time to time.

Lucky The Elephant

With Carneval and Mardi Gras upcoming, we’ll skip Valentine’s Day, there’s enough freebies out for it already anyhow – and rather offer you a full outfit that can be pieced together in the time leading up to carneval season. So far added to the Lucky Chair Vault are still our yellow and purple feather Fans, and new items are **MARDI GRAS** TopHat and Cane in the colors *GOLD* and *PURPLE*, as well as our diamondLingerie in *ABSINTHE* green. There are a few things more in progress, that will be added over the next few weeks.

DiamondLingerie *ABSINTHE*FetishCabaret_CagedCandles_blue

Other than that, if you really want to win something you don’t need to stay at one chair — ummm — elephant. Head on the the next section of the store, for a few more surprising ways to win a little something. Let’s just say – I had A LOT of fun setting up the chairs for you, you will see :-D

Pictures of the current prizes are laid out in front of the one on our main stage in (*chanimations theater, so you have an approximate idea if something new is in or something is out. Or follow the announcements through our update group.

Have fun, and good luck! Need SLURL? Here’s your ride!!

And last but not least:

A very, very big THANK YOU to Lucky Chair creator Shep Korvin, who didn’t blink a moment and helped me out with a customized script to make a dream of a lucky elephant come true :-D — and if you’re having fun with the elephant and happen to meet  Shep inworld,  say a big thank you too! *grins*

ShowTime CouturePack **BLACK PEACOCK**

“Playful Seduction with Class…”


“ShowTime” CouturePack
by deviousMind and (*chanimations

Following our previous burlesque CouturePack release**WINTERBURLESQUE**, we have renamed the clothing packs now and proudly present all you burlesque performers out there another gorgeous costume set:  “ShowTime” **BLACK PEACOCK** is the second of our feather sets available as CouturePack, and is a personal add-on edition to (*chanimations releases -ShowGirl-, -ShowDiva-, -FeatherQueen- and -MoulinRouge-, containing all the outfit pieces of these sets without poses, plus our DiamondLingerie in this special color.

The CouturePack includes the following:

(*FeatherQueen DiamondLingerie

• (*FeatherQueen diamondLingerie **BLACK PEACOCK** bra (undershirt layer)
• (*FeatherQueen diamondLingerie **BLACK PEACOCK** bra (shirt layer)
• (*FeatherQueen diamondLingerie **BLACK PEACOCK** string (underpants layer)
• (*FeatherQueen diamondLingerie **BLACK PEACOCK** string (pants layer)

• (*FetishCabaret lingerieOrnament **BLACK PEACOCK** – left hip
• (*FetishCabaret lingerieOrnament **BLACK PEACOCK** – right hip
• (*FetishCabaret lingerieOrnament **BLACK PEACOCK** – chest
• (*FetishCabaret lingerieOrnament **BLACK PEACOCK** – spine

Add-on to (*chanimations FetishCabaret SET 6 “ShowGirl”

• (*chanimations – Fan **BLACKPEACOCK** – right (w/resize)
• (*chanimations – Fan **BLACKPEACOCK** – left (w/resize)
The size of the fans can be adjusted by touch menu – please see included notecard for information regarding the resize script!

Add-on to (*chanimations FetishCabaret SET 10 “ShowDiva”

• (*FetishCabaret – FeatherBoa(1) **BLACK PEACOCK** (chest)
• (*FetishCabaret – FeatherBoa(2) **BLACK PEACOCK** (chest)
• (*FetishCabaret – FeatherBoa(3) **BLACK PEACOCK** (chest)
• (*FetishCabaret – FeatherBoa(4) **BLACK PEACOCK** (chest)
• (*FetishCabaret – FeatherBoa(1) **BLACK PEACOCK** (w/pose)
• (*FetishCabaret – FeatherBoa(2) **BLACK PEACOCK** (w/pose)
• (*FetishCabaret – FeatherBoa(3) **BLACK PEACOCK** (w/pose)
• (*FetishCabaret – FeatherBoa(4) **BLACK PEACOCK** (w/pose)
• (*chanimations – Cigarette Holder **BLACK/SILVER**

All FeatherBoas are included as prop only in case you want to use it along with our (*chanimations poses ‘ShowDiva’, and are as well included with a basic animation to set the arm postion to work with your regular AO poses or other posing animations.

Add-on to (*chanimations FetishCabaret SET 12 “FeatherQueen”

• (*FetishCabaret – FeatherHeadPiece **BLACK PEACOCK**
• (*FetishCabaret – FeathersBackPart **BLACK PEACOCK** – pelvis
• (*FetishCabaret – FeatherRuffles **BLACK PEACOCK** – stomach
• (*FeatherQueen Headpiece HUD

From (*chanimations FetishCabaret SET 20 “MoulinRouge”

• (*MoulinRouge SequinsGloves **Black**
• !dM – MoulinRouge diamondPasties **BLACK** (jacket layer)
• !dM – MoulinRouge diamondPasties **BLACK** (shirt layer)
• !dM – MoulinRouge diamondPasties **BLACK** (undershirt layer)
• !dM – MoulinRouge diamondPanties **BLACK** (pants layer)
• !dM – MoulinRouge diamondPanties **BLACK** (unterpants layer)

• (*MoulinRouge GloveFeathers **BLACK PEACOCK** – right (w/resize)
• (*MoulinRouge GloveFeathers **BLACK PEACOCK** – left (w/resize)
• (*MoulinRouge SequinsBustle **BLACK PEACOCK** (w/resize)
• (*MoulinRouge SequinsSkirt **BLACK PEACOCK** (w/resize)
• (*MoulinRouge Cane **BLACK PEACOCK** (w/resize)
• (*MoulinRouge TopHat **BLACK PEACOCK** (w/resize)
• (*MoulinRouge Tassels **BLACK PEACOCK**

All above items are copy/no transfer with resize option where applicable through script.

Checking for Updates:

• **BLACK PEACOCK** CouturePack – CHECK FOR UPDATE (rezz)

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