Looking one year back and into a new one…

It’s been a bit more than a year now since our first poses and the beginning of our little venture named ‘deviousMind’ – it’s been a tough year with a lot of work and the usual moments of questioning “what am I even doing here in SL” – so this is the time to thank you all so very much for every single feedback you gave in return, every little compliment, every suggestion, every little smile about what we created and for every picture you shared with the (*chanimations pool on flickr. You all along with your reactions to deviousMind were what made this adventure worth it, and who motivated going on. An especially big thank you with tons of hugs and kisses is for my partner Lucca, who was always here with support, suggestions, recommendations and most important – his honesty, if I liked it or not. <3

2009 has been a tough year for many of us, needless to say, the economy and overall situation in the world didn’t help easing that. Regardless, we’ve made it through – so now’s the time to welcome a new year with new plans, new energy and new inspirations.

Happy New Year 2010 to all of you, may all your wishes come true!


And some more news…

With this new year, our beauty vanity of (*FC SET 14 “CabaretBeauty” received an overall update too :-D aside from the regualar vanity version you know already, an ornamented vanity was added – a bit more feminine, softer, more curvy… but still keeping it’s original charme and character. (see in the above picture) Make sure you get your free upgrade if you have the old version already, simply rezz a new vanity or say /12update in open chat next to the rezzed vanity. After a few minutes you’ll receive your upgrade box!

And last… the moving of all couture items into deviousBeauty building lefthand of the park gate at deviousMind/73/88/33 is finished – so you’ll find all pure copy/no transfer couture and accessories items in this new building. If the clothing items are in direct connection to any of our props and poses items, you’ll find a little hint as well – and vice versa, we will mark all props&poses sets of (*chanimations to indicate there is an addition in our beauty section available. All our photography props and poses sets are found in the (*chanimations theater, cabaret and circus tent – those are in general copy/no trans for all rezzable props and poses, and transfer/no copy for the attachments so you can pass them to your models (except personal/extended edition sets of “PekingOpera” which include hair/skin, a photographer edition is available though as well).

One thing that’s important to us is versatility in our items – and with that, you might find some things included in the photo set, that you wouldn’t expect usually (like skin or hair for example) – so make sure to always read our info notecards before purchase. They contain all details on properties, exact content and/or any added information that is needed. – And last, as the question has come up: The photography sets don’t include any clothing other than accessories (these things are listed in the content notecard of each set, like gloves, hat, bustle and the like) – full outfits can’t really be considered a prop, and after all, each of you likes to add their personal touch to their pictures as well, so that’s what all of SL’s clothing designers are for :-D – If you’d like to know a specific item I used in our ads, drop me a message, I’ll hint you where to find it!

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