The BEST surprise of all…

…was surprisingly enough made by the lucky presents – and that even though I thought this time it’d be us who surprises you! But not a few days later, I was proven totally wrong!

As usual, “Santa’s Elf” Chandra was working on the creation of a little something, as the familiar blue dropdown box on the upper right announced inventory…

[2009/11/29] Chic Aeon gave you You’ve been featured — Chic at Phil’s Place.

Needless to say, curiousity got the better of me and I kinda forgot the little detail of being in edit appearance mode (for the snowflake tattoos, just been saving the different layers). Accepting notecard kicked me out of the mode (that’s usual for me too for some reason) and just coming out of edit appearance with my crappy computer – first thing that happend was that the client crashed. *laughs* Annoying enough, especially when you’re curiousity is peaked to the top.

So quite some time later when the system showed mercy to let me log in again, and all the waiting for browsers to start and find website and all that stuff – the surprise really hit in!


Chic Aeon allowed me to use the above picture as well on our blog, thank you so much for setting the gift so gorgeously in scene :-) I resized the image to be smaller, see the large original along with all the review on our lucky presents at her blog here:

So, long story short essence… Thank you SO much, this was the best surprise for me and a wonderful and great post with many details. There couldn’t be any better reward for creating things than reading that these little details are actually noticed :-)))))

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