season’s special: (*giftStocking!

Content and Use of giftCards

Thank you very much for your interest in our giftcards! Here a short overview of the most important things you need to know about giving them as a gift to somebody else.

Most important: You will be ONLY able to buy valid giftCards from our vendor-boards at deviousMind sim. We do not employ any sales’ people in our sim or for our products. If you come accross anybody claiming they would sell them, please inform us.

The winterEdition of our GiftCards is a special seasonal release, which comes with a deco-stocking for yourself so you can keep it rezzed long in advance without spoiling the surprise of what’s inside, or running risk of somebody emptying it beforhand if they have your mod rights. And of course use again as decoration for next season.

The stocking can be hanging on a nail at the wall (an optional prim with shadow is included), or if you like to keep it under a christmas tree instead, click the nail and it will vanish. Click it another time and it will show again. (If it was set to invisible and you have trouble finding it, use keyboard shortcut [CTRL]+[ALT]+T to highlight transparent prims – you will find it at the hook of the stocking! Press the shortcut again to turn highlighting off)

The winterEdition of our GiftCards is available in the value of 500L, 1.000L, 2.500L and 5.000L – if you have need for a higher amount, please drop a notecard to Chandra Meehan.


You will receive a folder with the following items from our vendor-board after purchase:


• (*seasonGreetings by (*chanimations (copy) (no mod/no transfer)
• (*shadowprim for filled stocking (copy) (no mod/no transfer)
• This notecard: (*chanimations – INFO about giftcard present – MUST READ! (copy/trans/no mod)
• (*chanimations giftCards – IMPORTANT TO READ!  (copy/trans/no mod)
(This is the notecard contained in the ‘(*chanimations giftStocking’ for your attention. It explains the giftcard system to the one receiving your gift)

GIFT TO PASS ON (no copy/no mod/yes transfer):

• seasonGreetings: (*chanimations giftStocking (500L)
(the Linden$ value in brackets changes depending on the value of the giftcard)


(*chanimations giftStocking content:

This object is the gift to pass to the one you’d like to surprise; it comes in ‘no copy/no mod/yes transfer’ properties. It is the giftStocking ‘box’ which will need unpacking by its new owner, and contains the following things:

  • (*chanimations giftCard (no mod/no copy) (in the L$ value you have purchased)
  • (*chanimations winterChoker (with resize)  (no mod/no copy)
  • (*shadowprim for filled stocking (no mod/no copy)
  • Use of (*chanimations giftcards – IMPORTANT! (notecard)
  • (*winterChoker – Functions Resize Script (notecard)
  • Landmark to (*chanimations mainstore

!!! EXPIRATION DATE:       March 31, 2010  !!!

The giftCards do have an expiration date, which will be shown in open chat upon attaching!  We feel that a fixed date is easier to ‘not forget’ – the expiration date is set to approximately 4-5 months after purchase. (giftcard vendors and this info-notecard will be updated monthly so you always will see this date before you purchase the giftcard). This should offer enough time to find something nice, but as well protects us through a ‘safety buffer’ in case of unforseen events with the giftcard system/vendors/SL. Thank you in advance for your understanding!

LEASE TAKE NOTE: Manipulation attempts of the giftCard will by default lead to invalidity of the giftCard. The script will perform security checks to ensure the system is safe of abuse, so please don’t mess with it. (*chanimations will not take any responsibility in this case and neither replace the card.

For any further questions, suggestions, or need of assistance please contact Chandra Meehan via notecard. Have fun and enjoy surprising somebody :-)

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