(*FetishCabaret SET 6 “ShowGirl” **WinterBurlesque**

“Ladies and Gentlemen – The Show begins….. “


Fetish Cabaret SET 6

For all those burlesque performers of you, we’ve created a special edion to underline your show with a touch of season, while still classy. **WINTERBURLESQUE** is also the first of our feather sets that is available as a personal edition which contains all the outfit pieces of -ShowGirl-, -ShowDiva- and -FeatherQueen-, if that’s what you’re looking for, have a look at our new BurlesqueCouture offer (without poses)!

PLEASE NOTE: These snowpeacock feathers are a special edition and not included in the Multicolor pack!

In our regular set of photography props and poses, -ShowGirl- is available in different color packs (corresponding colors to FetishCabaret ‘ShowDiva’ and ‘FeatherQueen’ set) and contains photography props and poses with the following properties:

4 POSES (no mod/no transfer):

• (* fans kneel&cover
• (* fans kneeling
• (* fans kneeling opened
• (* fans cover&present

All POSES are static and come with ‘copy’ rights so you can put them into
your posestands or make own poseball arrangements.

The pack includes the poses as single animations and in a multiPoseball
which responds to /1 show and /1 hide and allows to toggle the
poses by using the pageUp/pageDown keys.

PROPS (detailed info to each after listing):

• One pair of fans (no mod/no copy) with snowpeacock feathers and snowflakes – The size of the fans can be adjusted by touch menu – please read included notecard for information regarding the resize script!

The fans’ feathers are digitally illustrated – so no fuzzy halos or edges and only 100% feather goodness ;-) – along with that, the wood is ‘carved’ with unique custom textures and completed by sculpted ornaments. The fans come with ‘transfer’ setting so you can pass them to the model – or if you’re unsure they’ll give them back to you, rezz them instead and position them.

And as with everything scripted: Make sure you are in a sim that allows for scripts to run!

That’s all you need to know, so from here on…. have fun and keep in mind:
“The Show must go on!”

Would you like to stop by in world?

You’ll find us at deviousMind/120/160/30 if you are interested in single poses only or to preview the poses on your avartar!

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