(*asianMasala – “PekingOpera”

“A journey towards the raising sun…”


Includes all pekingOpera color sets
An AsianMasala Set

A new sunrise – and with the lifting curtains, -PekingOpera- opens the door into the far East and takes us on a little journey. It’s the first set of (*chanimations’ new pose series ‘asianMasala’ – with many more to follow.

-PekingOpera- is available in different color packs (please see attached image for overview), as well as three different editions – please make sure you pick the one that meets your needs. Here a short overview:

PHOTOGRAPHERs’ edition that will allow you to work with models:
all poses copy/no transfer,
all attachments transfer/no copy.

PERSONAL edition if you’re your own model with your own skins:
all poses copy/no transfer,
all attachments copy/no transfer,
!dM “PekingOpera” JewelryHair copy/no transfer.

EXTENDED edition – you are the model and want it all:
all poses (copy/no transfer),
all attachments (copy/no transfer),
hair: !dM “PekingOpera” JewelryHair (copy/no transfer),
skin: (*chanimations pekingOpera (copy/no mod/no transfer)
Please see our DEMOS in the store for skin, hair and attachment sizes.

And as always – in the following all the detailed listing and important information about this set of photography props and poses:

4 POSES (no mod/no transfer):

• (*pekingOpera
• (*pekingOpera (openLeft)
• (*pekingOpera (centered)
• (*pekingOpera (openRight)

All POSES are static and come with ‘copy’ rights so you can put them into your posestands or make own poseball arrangements.

The pack includes the poses as single animations and in a multiPoseball
which responds to /1 show and /1 hide and allows to toggle the
poses by using the pageUp/pageDown keys.

PROPS (detailed info to each after listing, properties corresponding to pack choice):
• (*PekingOpera – HeadJewelry (chin)
• (*PekingOpera – FingerOrnament – HANDSIZE 10 (right) (no modify!)
• (*PekingOpera – FingerOrnament – HANDSIZE 10 (left) (no modify!)
• (*PekingOpera – RibbonBracelet (forearm right)
• (*PekingOpera – RibbonBracelet (forearm left)
• (*PekingOpera – Anklet (lower leg left)
• (*PekingOpera – Anklet (lower leg right)

Includes attachments in all pekingOpera colors available

Additional in PERSONAL edition:
• (all the above listed in COPY and NO TRANSFER)
• !dM “PekingOpera” JewelryHair (copy/no transfer)

Additional in EXTENDED edition:
• (all the above listed in COPY and NO TRANSFER)
• !dM “PekingOpera” JewelryHair (copy/no transfer)
• (*chanimations pekingOpera skin (copy/no mod/no transfer)

First and foremost:
The size of the finger ornaments CANNOT be changed – you have to be able to mod your shape and change your handsize to 10. (Menu: Edit -> Appearance -> Torso -> Hand Size)
With the alignment of the very detailed build there is no room for much size difference, rotation or different placement. As well the attachments CANNOT fit in regular relaxed handpose, but they will in combination with the poses.
(There is no larger build offered in the set as once you start makeing the build larger, the result is oversized hands that appear unnaturally out of proportion to the body.)

All body attachments correspond to the color you picked – available colors are CHERRY (soft red), SAFRAN (soft yellow), FRANGIPANI (soft pink), LILAC (soft purple), IRIS (soft blue), MINT (soft green) and LIQUORICE (soft black). (Please see the attached image for an overview on the colors – all other color sets are offered on xStreet as single as well as multicolor pack)


Attachments show as ‘no modify’ in your inventory, but their size can be adjusted through a touch menu – please read included notecard for information regarding the resize script!
As stated before – the finger ornaments are the exception. They really are no mod.

If you have problems with sculpties seeming rough edged and not properly rezzing – go to Advanced Menu (if it doesn’t show on the top bar, press CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-D to show it), Debug Setting… – type ‘RenderVolumeLODFactor’ (without quotes) and set it to 4.000. It will take a short moment and your sculpties will render smoother when looking at them from a distance! Search the Wiki if you want more info about the RenderVolumeLODFactor.

And as with everything scripted: Make sure you are in a sim that allows for scripts to run!


Specific for PHOTOGRAPHER edition:
All attachments come with ‘transfer’ setting so you can pass them to your model – or if you’re unsure they’ll give them back to you, rezz them instead and position them – this will require a good amount of free prims, keep this in mind. (Also unless you have deleted the re-size scripts in the attachments, you might want to consider passing the explaination of the functions as well to them to avoid any mistakes!)

• Specific for PERSONAL and EXTENDED edition:
All attachments come in ‘copy’, you can mod the sizes through resize-script. Please ALWAYS make a copy of your items before you mod anything, and when you have the right size for your AV, delete the scripts! How you resizes is explained in the included notecard.
Aside from the pekingOpera JewelryHair, the packs include as well the headpiece, attaching to chin. You can wear this with your own hairstyles – keep in mind that it is by far easier to delete prims out of the hair you want to wear to match the headDress instead of trying to make the head dress fit on all your possible hairstyles.
The base haircolor of the JewelryHair is black, ornaments/flowers matching the color of your set choice.

• Specific for EXTENDED edition:
The pekingOpera skin is a pale skintone to resemble a white powdered body. The facial make-up color is corresponding to your set color. The skin has little cherryblossoms tattoo combined with traditional Chinese symbos on the back of its neck and will stay exclusive only for this set. (and in case you wonder – the symbols say ‘peking opera’ in chinese)

That’s all you need to know, so now show others the grace of Asian performance dance!

Would you like to stop by in world?

You’ll find us at deviousMind/120/160/30 if you are interested in single poses only or to preview the poses on your avartar!

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