(*FetishCabaret SET 13 “TiedSuspension”

“Ladies and Gentlemen – The Show begins….. ”


Fetish Cabaret SET 13

-TiedSuspension- is our starting point for shibari photo sets – they are inspired by RL images, but don’t try to imitate them to complete realism – so the shibari experts amongst you might find a ‘not possible in RL’ here and there, but that’s why we are in SL, right? *chuckles* It’s for foto esthetics! And for that, there’s quite a few details in the ropes, and as always, high detailed textures. The set contains photography props and poses with the following properties:

4 (6) POSES (no mod/no transfer):

• (* tiedSuspension
• (* tiedSuspension_hogtie (lookLeft), (* tiedSuspension_hogtie (lookRight)
• (* tiedSuspension_headDown
• (* tiedSuspension_open, (* tiedSuspension_open (headMoveing)
(the last two are pose doubled, only with different head directions or head movement.
A little detail which can make quite the difference in your images!)

All POSES are static and come with ‘copy’ rights so you can put them into your posestands or make own poseball arrangements.

The pack includes the poses as single animations and in a multiPoseball which responds to /1 show and /1 hide and allows to toggle the poses by using the pageUp/pageDown keys.


No more poseballs – sit on the ropes themselves. On first sit a menu pops up allowing you to pick which pose you’d like. After that, you only click the ropes again, and you’ll receive the menu to change between the poses. And you’ll be surprised… the ropes will change with your position to match up with your suspension.

More than that, an easy and intuitively to use adjustment-menu allows you to move the positioning of your avartar – height, rotation, everything! When you hang on the ropes, speak /1a in open channel for the adjustment menu. ‘Postion’ will allow you to move your avartar more forward, backwards, left or right (X and Y axis) and of course up and down (Z axis), if needed ‘Rotation’ menu gives you more options.

And that’s all YOU have to remember, from there on the script does the work and remembers the avartar custom settings of the 50 most frequent users who adjusted their positions as long as the ropes stay rezzed and the scripts are not reset. Unfortunately it cannot keep the positions when picked up back to inventory and will rez back on default settings – but since the adjustment is easy and quick, this shouldn’t be a problem *grins*.

PROPS (detailed info to each after listing):

• (*chanimations – TiedSuspension Ropes (no modify/no transfer)
• (*FetishCabaret ‘TiedSuspension’ (chest) (no copy)
• (*FetishCabaret ‘TiedSuspension’ (pelvis) (no copy)
• (*FetishCabaret ‘TiedSuspension’ (lower leg left) (no copy)
• (*FetishCabaret ‘TiedSuspension’ (upper leg left) (no copy)
• (*FetishCabaret ‘TiedSuspension’ (lower leg right) (no copy)
• (*FetishCabaret ‘TiedSuspension’ (upper leg right) (no copy)
• (*FetishCabaret ‘TiedSuspension’ (lower arm left) (no copy)
• (*FetishCabaret ‘TiedSuspension’ (upper arm right) (no copy)
• (*FetishCabaret ‘TiedSuspension’ (upper arm left) (no copy)
• (*FetishCabaret ‘TiedSuspension’ (lower arm right) (no copy)

The Shibari attachment ropes show as ‘no modify’ in your inventory, but their size can be adjusted by touch menu – please read included notecard for information regarding the resize script!

All attachments come with ‘transfer’ setting so you can pass them to your model – or if you’re unsure they’ll give them back to you, rezz them instead and position them. (Unless you have deleted the re-size scripts in the ropes, you might want to consider passing the explaination of the functions as well to them to avoid any accidential clicks!)

In most cases before resizing is needed, slightly moving the ropes on the lags downwards or upwards will help – as well with adjusting when hanging on the ropes. As well, keep in mind the /1a command to adjust your avatar position up and downwards!

I also added you a multiPoseball in case you want to use the poses as stand alone or with builds you made.

And as with everything scripted: Make sure you are in a sim that allows for scripts to run!

That’s all you need to know, so from here on…. have fun and keep in mind: “The Show must go on – but don’t try this at home!”

Would you like to stop by in world?

You’ll find us at deviousMind/120/160/30 if you are interested in single poses only or to preview the poses on your avartar!

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