!dM deviousSkin "Koi" and "BeijingFlower"

.!dM “Koi” – makeups from left to right: coralReef Captivate, goldFish Allure, deepOcean Entice

It’s spring! And to match up with the returning colors outside and the blossoms slowly taking over the trees, we start out Asian! All in the sense of Chinese PekingOpera and KoiFish, two cheerfully colored skinlines found their way into our mainstore. Both come in 6 colors, “BeijingFlower” with 2 shades each makeup, “Koi” even 3 shades each: Entice, Allure, Captivate.

All skins with and without little asian tattoo on the back of the neck included. Grab demo!

So here a little overview of what’s in each color pack:

• !dM skin (copy/no modify/no transfer) in the color(s) you have purchased. Each color comes in different shades. “BeijingFlower” includes a stronger shaded ‘Lotus’ eyemakeup, and a softer ‘Blossom’ version.
“Koi” includes 3 different color shades, “Entice” being the softest with subtle little darker spots, “Allure” being a strong uni-colored eyeshadow and “Captivate” is the ‘true koi’ with both darker colored and black spots.
All shades have a little asian tatoo symbol on the back of the neck, and come as well with a plain skin without these tatoos in each pack (this plain skin is not included in the DEMOS)

• Both allColor packs include a bonus hair!! “Koi” comes with !dM CherryBlossom “TwoTails” in 3 versions (long, medium, short), “BeijingFlower” includes !dM CherryBlossom “PonyTail” as well in long, medium and short. Please DO read the information on the resize-scripts and how you delete the scripts out after adjusting! (this is important to help with the lag)

• !dM deviousEyelashes (copy/mod/no transfer)
Two pairs to choose between facial attachment point ‘nose’ or ‘mouth’, or wear both if you feel dramatic *winks* – it’s mod so you can match it up with your eyeshape, and allows you to tint it in any color you like. Unless you’re good in building, we suggest to make a backup copy before modifying it.

• !dM deviousSkins eyebrow shape (copy/mod/no transfer)
Make sure you save your current hairbase before attaching this new one, because it will alter your eyebrow settings to match up with your new skin.

!dM “BeijingFlower” – FuchsiaLotus (left), FuchsiaBlossom (right)
!dM CherryBlossom TwoTails Hair

These skins are set with all sliders to zero, so there won’t be any problems with the latest viewer 1.23 –
If you DO have problems with other skins since the last viewer update to 1.23, please have a look at the JIRA and cast your vote! (you log in to JIRA with your SL login information) – copy/paste the following address in your browser:

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