(*chanimations pictureContest Spring 2009

pictureContest Spring 2009

It has been a few months of work we put into our props and poses – and now we’re curious to see what creativity it sparks in you! So it’s time for our first photo contest!

• First Prize: 5000L paid out to you directly, plus a 1500L gift card for (*chanimations
• Second Prize: 2500L paid out to you directly, plus a 1000L gift card for (*chanimations

Both Winners will be displayed with full credit to their work in our mainstore.

And as with everything, in the following 10 things you’ll need to remember for your submissions:


1. You must use poses and props by (*chanimations. Of course you are not bound to using specific ‘sets as they come in the box’, mix and match any of our poses with any of our props you like – be creative!

2. Main focus must be SL imagery. Don’t paste your AV into RL pictures please. Beyond that, all graphical styles and image themes are allowed! This includes as well nudity, we’re all adults! Just keep in mind we’d like to display the winner in our store – so please keep it artistic!

3. Post-production with any graphic program on the image is allowed and encouraged, but of course also ‘plain SL snapshots’ can be submitted if you feel it works with your image concept!

4. MOST IMPORTANT: You are the creator of the artwork and hold full rights on the image! With submitting your pictures to the contest, you are granting (*chanimations the right to use it in connection to our store (like storeposter and to post it on our blog for example).


5. No specific image formate is required, but it MUST be at least 1024×1024 pixels. (for everything that’s extending to that, can be squared, portrait, landscape, panorama…. your call!)

6. You may submit up to TWO entries per person. Take your time and decide on your finals and don’t submit more than those two. Changes on your selections can be made until deadline – not afterwards.

7. Submit your picture to our flickr pool at http://www.flickr.com/groups/chanimations – if it is needing ‘restricted’ flagging according to flickr ToS, please follow the link on the group page to our v18+ image pool.

8. Your work MUST be TAGGED with “(*chanimations pictureContest Spring 2009” otherwise it will not enter the contest (we will search by tag to see all submissions since there is other images in our pools as well).

9. Please list the items you used for your composition in your picture description.

10. Deadline for entries will be Monday, May 11th 2009 at noon (12pm SLT). Submissions after this time will not be valid anymore.

Have fun, and we’re looking forward to see your creativity and your entries!

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