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Finally available and open: deviousSkin!

It took a while of building and terraforming and building again and texturing – but finally the store is set up and the first 5 skintones of “Tally” skinline are out in the shelves and for sale! 3 makeup lines dominate this digitally illustrated skin so far, “Natural” for your fresh and natural looks, “Nightout” for the glamorous appearance styles, and “Vogue” for all which firmly believe ‘dramatic’ isn’t enough. And you can be curious for more in the future – promise!

Tally “latina” Blackberry Nightout and Tally “fairRose” Vamp Nightout

Props used: Feather Fans of (*chanimations “ShowGirl” Multicolor set
Poses: (*chanimations, yet to be released – but it’s gonna be a fun FetishCabaret set! *smirks*

What makes this skin special?

Soft but clear skinshadings, no overdone highlights, and no patched together photographs – patiently illustrated body details – and so far everybody says they love the lips! *winks*

At this point, a majorly huge thanks to our ‘deviousGuineaPigs’ beta-testers *winks* Faith, Nathalia, Tallulah, Vivienne, Coralie, Artika, Karigan, Elise and Krasa – all your patience and detailed feedbacks were highly appreciated and stay unforgotten – they are part of this skin now :-) A second thanks goes to Vivienne for jumping in that on-short-notice to shoot the above storeposter with me this morning! *hugs lots*

Tally “golden” FallLeaves Vogue
Pose: (*chanimations, (* kneel_opened (fists)
Outfit: U-Sha Fantasie brown by Husky GFX

Why “Tally”?

The answer is simple – I wanted to name it after one if not THE longest of my SL-friends – she bought me my first skin back then when I was a broke newb and still convinced the ….erm…. linden skin makes my av look ‘beautiful’. *laughs still and bangs head* – but I am sure we all remember those days back then when we started SL… when we first found out there is primhair… *laughs* and well… hadn’t run into a skin-store yet. – Anyhow… so “Tally” seemed to be the appropriate name for my first own skinline! And in that spirit, I am currently getting a newbie starter pack together that will be available for avartars younger than 30 days in our mainstore – keeping you updated on that one!


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