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Welcome to a deviousMind

Hi and Welcome to DeviousMind’s blog. DeviousMind is a Second Life based business that caters to a few different needs of its residents. From (*chanimations and DeviousPoses, who specialize in different fields of photography props and poses, to DeviousSkin & Eyes, providing you with great realistic looks for your avatar!

Here’s a short overview of what we do:

deviousSkin & deviousEyes

Looking at all aspect’s of your avartar’s beauty – and realistic looks with patiently designed details. High resolution and amazing details is the least you can expect – we try to think in advance about your needs, and hopefully you’ll prove us successful on this attempt! Stop by our store and explore our demos!

!dM DeviousPoses

Devious Poses are dark poses with story tellers and photographers in mind. Perfect poses to accentuate your role playing experience, by adding photos to the stories being played out! At the current point, all deviousPoses are couple posses of narrative nature. All are static so that you don’t need to wait for the pose to cycle to get the shot you need! If you have a flare for the extreme, these poses could always work perfect for SL generated graphic novels, store ads or anything else your devious Mind might come up with!

You can preview our couple poses in our mainstore – don’t forget to bring a partner along for poseball hopping of a different kind ;-)

(*chanimations photography props and poses

*chanimations – Photoposes that are not everyday-standard for artistic shots or a bit of nostalgic flair – and each with a set of high quality props, unique custom textures and love for the details!

‘The LionTamer’ and ‘The FetishCabaret’ are the new series for Vintage & Fetish photography – Extravagant props and poses for a liquid fusion of burlesque cabaret performance and creative fetish and BDSM photography – the only limitation is your imagination!

Available as pose only or in sets with respective accessories. All you need is your model dressed up on stage – and decide between latex or class! The photo poses will satisfy both! (or who knows – maybe end up as unique furniture in your dungeon!)

“Ladies and Gentlemen – The Show begins….. ”

Click the link for our in world location!

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