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Looking one year back and into a new one…

It’s been a bit more than a year now since our first poses and the beginning of our little venture named ‘deviousMind’ – it’s been a tough year with a lot of work and the usual moments of questioning “what am I even doing here in SL” – so this is the time to thank you all so very much for every single feedback you gave in return, every little compliment, every suggestion, every little smile about what we created and for every picture you shared with the (*chanimations pool on flickr. You all along with your reactions to deviousMind were what made this adventure worth it, and who motivated going on. An especially big thank you with tons of hugs and kisses is for my partner Lucca, who was always here with support, suggestions, recommendations and most important – his honesty, if I liked it or not. <3

2009 has been a tough year for many of us, needless to say, the economy and overall situation in the world didn’t help easing that. Regardless, we’ve made it through – so now’s the time to welcome a new year with new plans, new energy and new inspirations.

Happy New Year 2010 to all of you, may all your wishes come true!


And some more news…

With this new year, our beauty vanity of (*FC SET 14 “CabaretBeauty” received an overall update too :-D aside from the regualar vanity version you know already, an ornamented vanity was added – a bit more feminine, softer, more curvy… but still keeping it’s original charme and character. (see in the above picture) Make sure you get your free upgrade if you have the old version already, simply rezz a new vanity or say /12update in open chat next to the rezzed vanity. After a few minutes you’ll receive your upgrade box!

And last… the moving of all couture items into deviousBeauty building lefthand of the park gate at deviousMind/73/88/33 is finished – so you’ll find all pure copy/no transfer couture and accessories items in this new building. If the clothing items are in direct connection to any of our props and poses items, you’ll find a little hint as well – and vice versa, we will mark all props&poses sets of (*chanimations to indicate there is an addition in our beauty section available. All our photography props and poses sets are found in the (*chanimations theater, cabaret and circus tent – those are in general copy/no trans for all rezzable props and poses, and transfer/no copy for the attachments so you can pass them to your models (except personal/extended edition sets of “PekingOpera” which include hair/skin, a photographer edition is available though as well).

One thing that’s important to us is versatility in our items – and with that, you might find some things included in the photo set, that you wouldn’t expect usually (like skin or hair for example) – so make sure to always read our info notecards before purchase. They contain all details on properties, exact content and/or any added information that is needed. – And last, as the question has come up: The photography sets don’t include any clothing other than accessories (these things are listed in the content notecard of each set, like gloves, hat, bustle and the like) – full outfits can’t really be considered a prop, and after all, each of you likes to add their personal touch to their pictures as well, so that’s what all of SL’s clothing designers are for :-D – If you’d like to know a specific item I used in our ads, drop me a message, I’ll hint you where to find it!

(*fruitFetish #15 “SurpriseCake” Add-on!

“Happy Birthday!!!”


“Some Extra Whip, please!”
A sweet little cream costume

This set is the COPY version of the attachments included in our (*chanimations fruitFetish! PinUp SET #15 “SurpriseCake” – we’ve added these in our couture section at deviousBeauty building (at deviousMind/73/88/33) in case you lost your transfer props to the photoset or if you need more than one model that you’d like to pose for the birthday picture. And of course, cause it’s a perfect outfit for any birth- and rezzday, even without the full props&poses set :-D – Nothing better than a lot of cream covered birthday cupcakes, right? *winks*

So to not raise any confusion: The couture set doesn’t include any poses or the big cake – if you’re looking for these (including one no copy/TRANSFER version of this cream costume), please have a look at the full photoset in (*chanimations mainstore.

CONTENT (further details after listing):

(copy, no transfer/no mod)
• (*chanimations birthdayPanties! (underpants layer)
• (*chanimations birthdayPanties! (pants layer)

• (*chanimations whipCream hipCream! (w/resize) (copy, no transfer/no mod)
• (*chanimations whipCream Pasties! (copy/modify, no transfer)
• (*chanimations birthdayCake HeadPiece (one candle) (copy, no transfer/no mod)
• (*chanimations cherryEarrings – right (copy, no transfer/no mod)
• (*chanimations cherryEarrings – left (copy, no transfer/no mod)



Depending on whose birthday it is, the cake includes a texture change menu to choose between sunny orange/yellow candles, or the ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ candles in blue or pink. As well, you can choose between creamcake, chocolate cake or nut cake, and pick between kiwi, lemon&lime and oranges as fruit decor. And of course: light candles or blow them back out, with realistically illustrated particle flames.

The color menu can be accessed by clicking the BASE ‘dough’ part of the headPiece!


The hipCream comes with a simple resize script to match all avatar shapes and allows you to store your own size, detailed information notecard is included. In most cases, moving the position of the attachmet on your avatar will do a great deal regarding fitting as well, as the prims rezz at different position for the different avatar sizes!

All scripts run in MONO.

BurlesqueCouture: “MmeChatouille”

“Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce….”


“Mme Chatouille”
BurlesqueCouture and Lingerie Set

“Madame Chatouille” is our first full burlesque lingerie, and we’re thrilled to introduce her to you! :-D
(click images for larger view!)

This hand illustrated couture set consists of a variety of different clothing layers, to allow you utmost flexibility when styling your avatar, along with two different flexi skirt options, attachment ties for the corset strings, two different glovetop options (with belts and tied, or only tied – or wear without any attachments!) and a cute little tophat, both with and without veil. And to round it all off, a gorgeously tied collar full of frills, consisting of a combination of prims and texture layers for an easy fitting with different avatar sizes.

Those attachments that may require resizing can be adjusted by touch through a resize menu, which as well allows you to store your new size in the memory. Please see included notecard for details.

As well included is an UPDATE CHECK – please read all information at the end of the content listing.

Mme Chatouille comes in 7 different colors, *BLACK*, *WHITE*, *RED*, *PINK*, *ROSE*, *BLUE*, *TEAL* and if you like them all in one, as a multiColor pack! (The colors are corresponding to all of our past (*chanimations feather props&pose set releases and can be found in our deviousBeauty building at – if you haven’t been there yet, now’s the time to go and see it! *winks*)

You should find the following things in your new burlesque couture box, each in the color corresponding to your purchase:

Clothing layers:

MmeChatouille_StorePoster_1whiteJacket layer:
• !dM – MmeChatouille corset/AB w/garter&collar
• !dM – MmeChatouille corset/AB w/pasties&collar
• !dM – MmeChatouille corset/AB bare w/collar
• !dM – MmeChatouille corset/AB bare
• !dM – MmeChatouille corset/AB w/pasties
• !dM – MmeChatouille satinPasties
• !dM – MmeChatouille latexCollar *BLACK*

Shirt layer:
• !dM – MmeChatouille corset/A w/pasties
• !dM – MmeChatouille corset/A bare
• !dM – MmeChatouille satinPasties
• !dM – MmeChatouille latexCollar *BLACK*

Undershirt layer:
• !dM – MmeChatouille satinPasties
• !dM – MmeChatouille latexCollar *BLACK*

Pants layer:
• !dM – MmeChatouille corset/B w/garter
• !dM – MmeChatouille corset/B bare
• !dM – MmeChatouille panties w/garter
• !dM – MmeChatouille glitchPanties
• !dM – MmeChatouille satinPanties

Underpants layer:
• !dM – MmeChatouille glitchPanties
• !dM – MmeChatouille satinPanties

Socks layer:
• !dM – MmeChatouille thighHights (fishnet)

Gloves layer:
• !dM – MmeChatouille gloves


Prim attachments
with resize option:

• !dM – MmeChatouille tutuSkirt (w/resize)
• !dM – MmeChatouille miniSkirt (w/resize)
• !dM – MmeChatouille gloveTops (w/resize) (right)
• !dM – MmeChatouille gloveTops (w/resize) (left)
• !dM – MmeChatouille corsetCollar (w/resize) (chest)

(Please see included notecard for information regarding the resize script that is used!)

Prim attachments
no mod/without resize:

• !dM – Mme Chatouille topHat w/veil
• !dM – Mme Chatouille topHat
• !dM – MmeChatouille gloveLaces (optional) (right)
• !dM – MmeChatouille gloveLaces (optional) (left)
• !dM – MmeChatouille corsetLaces (upperTie) (spine)
• !dM – MmeChatouille corsetLaces (lowerTie) (stomach)

Checking for Updates:

• !dM MmeChatouille ** – CHECK FOR UPDATE (rezz)

Read the rest of this entry »

(*FetishCabaret SET 21 “VanityDeluxe”

“Do we need to say anything else?”


Fetish Cabaret SET 21

Just a little vain… or a bit more… or maybe an aweful lot more? Are any question of these answered with “yes”? Then this is your poses&props set to show it to the world!

Originally named “Vain an’ Loving it!!!” and inspired through a commission work for Vain Inc as appreciation gift for their magazine’s inworld group, the set has expanded a little and got it’s ‘official release’ feathers – Peacock of course, after all, we’re speaking vain here! *grins wide*

You can choose between three different peacock color options, **VAIN PEACOCK** (which is their natural golden green color), **BLACK PEACOCK** (a new feathercolor, yay!) or **SNOW PEACOCK** (which you know from our winterburlesque series) — or you can get all three colors in one go with our VanityDeluxe ***triColor pack

-VanityDeluxe- contains the following props and poses:

6 POSES (copy/no mod/no transfer):

• (*featherBoa(5) (just a little vain…)
• (*featherBoa(5) (some more vanity)
• (*FeatherBoa(5) (vain and loving it)
• (*featherBoa(5) (look at me)
• (*featherBoa(5) (kneel)
• (*featherBoa(5) (vanity exhausts…)

All POSES are static and come with ‘copy’ rights so you can put them into
your posestands or make own poseball arrangements.

PROPS (further details after listing):

(copy/no transfer/no mod)
• (*chanimations – VanityDeluxe multiPoseball

(transfer/no copy/no mod)
• (*chanimations diamondLingerie ** bra (undershirt layer)
• (*chanimations diamondLingerie ** bra (shirt layer)
• (*chanimations diamondLingerie ** string (underpants layer)
• (*chanimations diamondLingerie ** string (pants layer)

(transfer/no copy/no mod)
• (*chanimations lingerieOrnament ** – left hip
• (*chanimations lingerieOrnament ** – right hip
• (*chanimations lingerieOrnament ** – chest
• (*chanimations FeatherBoa(5) ** – spine
• (*chanimations BeautyMirror **VAIN** – left hand

Attachments and clothing layers come in the color of your purchase, or all colors if you bought the tricolorPack (please click to enlarge the following images for a more detailed view).



We’ve taken it upon ourselves to visualize **VAIN** for you – with just a little bit of nothingness, and that as precious as can be: DiamondLingerie with little feather ornaments on hips and chest, and a gorgeous featherboa, to perfectly frame and show off those vain curves – and not to forget those peacock feathers.

You will find underwear layers as well as pants/shirt layers of our diamond lingerie included in case you like to match it up with other clothing layers – no need to wear both! The shape of the feather boa matches all included poses, only thing you migh need to do is move it a little up or down, but once it fits one pose, it will as well all others. All feathers are digitally illustrated – so no fuzzy halos or edges and only 100% feather goodness ;-)

And of course, you’ll need a handmirror for utmost vanity! *smirks* If you click the BeautyMirror, it will function as a soft facelight. (Only if ‘nearby local lights’ are enabled in preferences and ‘render attached lights’ in Advanced menu!)

The set includes the poses as single animations, in case you like to put them into your own posestands, as well as in a multiPoseball which responds to /1 show and /1 hide and allows the model to toggle through all poses by using the pageUp/pageDown keys.

And as with everything scripted: Make sure you are in a sim that allows for scripts to run!

That’s all you need to know, have fun and keep in mind:
“You are the Show!”


The textures for this set are all custom made by Chandra Meehan for (*chanimations and deviousMind – if you find them used by anybody else not connected to us, please inform us! Thank you in advance!


(*fruitFetish #15 – “SurpriseCake!”

“Happy Birthday!!!”


fruitFetish! supreme PinUp SET #15
by (*chanimations

Set No.15 of our pin up calender series – the supreme thing to add for all your friends’ birthdays throughout the year, and of course, with lots of fruit and fruityness. *smirks*

If you haven’t seen any of the previous releases yet, here a short intro to what it’s all about: (*chanimations fruitFetish! is a fresh and humorous vintage pin up series consisting out of 12 fruit and vegetable sets, and one CalenderPack which will allow you to create your own fruitFetish vintage PinUp calender… or a poster for your fridge… or postcard girls… or whatever. ;-)

-SurpriseCake!- can be anything from your photographic expression of saying ‘happy birthday’ up to the decoration (and surprise) on your actual party. The set contains – aside from lots of whipped cream – photography props and poses with the following properties:

6 POSES (no mod/no transfer):

• (*cakeKneel,
• (*cakeSurprise,
• (*cakeLeaving,
• (*cakeTopping,
• (*cakeTopping (legDown),
• (*cakeLeaning

All POSES are static and come with ‘copy’ rights so you can put them into your posestands or make own poseball arrangements. Due to the nature of this poseseries, foot positions look best when wearing high heels!

PROPS (details for use after listing):

PoseProps (rezz):
(copy, no mod/no transfer)
• (*chanimations birthdayCake! – 95 PRIMS,
• (*chanimations rezzdayCake! – 95 PRIMS,
• (*chanimations birthdayCake multiPoseball (optional)

(transfer, no copy/no mod)
• (*chanimations birthdayPanties! (underpants layer)
• (*chanimations birthdayPanties! (pants layer)

(transfer, no copy)
• (*chanimations whipCream hipCream! (w/resize) (transfer – no copy/no mod)
• (*chanimations whipCream Pasties! (transfer, modify – no copy)
• (*chanimations birthdayCake HeadPiece (one candle) (transfer, no copy/no mod)
• (*chanimations cherryEarrings – right
• (*chanimations cherryEarrings – left

Added Decoration (rezz):
(copy/no mod/no trans) – without poses!
• (*chanimations big decoCake! – 92 PRIMS
• (*chanimations little decoCake! – 48 PRIMS



(*chanimations surpriseCake! comes in two versions, one saying ‘Happy Birthday’ and the other ‘Happy Rezzday!’ so you’re set up for both ocasions in one go!

Depending on your personal taste, whose birthday it is, or what type of picture you’d like to take, the cake includes a texture change menu to choose between sunny orange/yellow candles, or the ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ candles in blue or pink. As well, you can choose between creamcake, chocolate cake or nut cake, and pick between kiwi, lemon&lime and oranges as fruit decor. And of course: light candles or blow them back out, with realistically illustrated particle flames. (All of this applies as well to the HeadPiece attachment – and it’s again the dough base that needs to be clicked for menu!)

‘Options’ menu allows you to set permissions who may control the color menu besides you, it allows for owner only, group, or public use. Rezzing default of permission is OWNER. – The use of the pose-engine is not effected by this selection. All scripts run in MONO.

The color and options menu can be accessed by clicking the BASE ‘dough’ part of the cake!
The pose engine menu is in the root prim, and will be accessed by clicking on any other UPPER part of the cake!


Be prepared for a surprise when you go through the poses, as the prims are animated to go along with your pose selection. Extreme lag can influence the performance of the prim animation, so if this is an issue for you at some point, simply select the pose again through the menu and the animation will work at this point.

Please take note, you cannot [shift]-copy the cake, if you do, the copy will not include animated prims – ALWAYS rezz from inventory to ensure it works!


No need to worry about pink and blue poseballs – you sit directly on the cake. On first sit please note the chatmessage you are given – as well, a menu pops up allowing you to pick which pose you’d like. After that, you only click the UPPER parts of the cake again, and you’ll receive the menu to change between the poses. For convenience, some of the poses are double in the prop but turned already to allow different perspectives for a bit more flexibility when taking pictures.


To meet all different avartar sizes, an easy and intuitively to use adjustment-menu allows you to move the positioning of your avartar – height, rotation, everything! When you sit, speak “/1a” in open channel (without quotes) for the adjustment menu (it will only work for the avatar sitting on it). ‘Postion’ will allow you to move your avartar more forward, backwards, left or right (X and Y axis) and of course up and down (Z axis), if needed ‘Rotation’ menu gives you more options.

The script remembers the avartar custom settings of up to 100 most frequent users who adjusted their positions as long as the fruit stays rezzed and the scripts are not reset. Unfortunately it cannot keep the positions when picked up back to inventory and will rez back on default settings – but since the adjustment is easy and quick, this shouldn’t be a problem *grins*.


To make it easier on photographers who work with models (or if you want to use the poses alone of course), an optional multiPoseball is included. This way you can freely move your model yourself instead of ‘instructing them’ where to place their avartar. The multiPoseball responds to /1 show and /1 hide and allows the model to toggle the poses by using the pageUp/pageDown keys.


All wearable items and attachments come with (transfer/no copy) settings so you can pass them to your model or whoever else jumps out your cake – if you are photographer and you’re unsure that they will give them back, rezz the items and position them instead!

For the headPiece, please see as well the information provided under CAKE AND CAKE MENU for color options!

The hipCream comes with a simple resize script to match all avatar shapes and allows you to store your own size, detailed information notecard is included. In most cases, moving the position of the attachmet on your avatar will do a great deal regarding fitting as well, as the prims rezz at different position for the different avatar sizes!


The cake includes an update script which will check for free upgrades when it is rezzed – to not loose the information of your adjusted poses through resetting/rezzing, you can call for the update manually by typing “/12update” (without quotes) in open chat. As well, you don’t need to check daily yourself, we keep you informed through our mainstore and our blog should a product have received an update:


If you have problems with sculpties seeming rough edged and not properly rezzing – go to Advanced Menu (if it doesn’t show on the top bar, press CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-D to show it), Debug Setting… – type ‘RenderVolumeLODFactor’ (without quotes) and set it to 4.000. It will take a short moment and your sculpties will render smoother when looking at them from a distance! Search the Wiki if you want more info about the RenderVolumeLODFactor.

If you notice prims missing when moveing your camera closer to an object, check your Debug Settings for the rendermaxNodeSize – on some clients the standard has been set to 4096, which can be far too little with very detailed objects and lead to prims disappearing. A value of 6000 can safely be used even with an older computer and will solve this problem – starting with viewer 1.24.5 the problem has been fixed.

“Down the Chimney” Hunt

“Skipping Stones” continues “Down The Chimney”…

by !dM deviousMind and (*chanimations
Special Creation for Down The Chimney Hunt 2009

The room was silent… aside of the soft cackeling from the fireplace, there was hardly any sound heard. All the usual busy noices of the summer swallowed by the cotton-like snow which was covering all the things outside like a blanket during their deep sleep.

Suddenly, a rumbling cuts through the silence, it nearly seems the flames danced a bit faster in their excitement. Then a last lound, hollow **CLONK** and with the huge cloud of soot spitting out the chimney into the room, a well wrapped little something rolls right out of the fireplace towards the tree. Black and dirty, but the sound woke everybody up and they hurried down in the livingroom. Looking at the mess, they looked at each other then back to the thing. It was heavy! And I mean: BY FAR too heavy. So we hurried to unwrap it, and to our displeasure, all that it had contained were a few huge stones. “Great.. let’s skip stones on the frozen lake…” a sarcastic voice could be heard in the room, coming from one of the girls in the back.

When the wrapping paper was tossed towards the trashcan in disappointment, a little note fell off one of the stones:

“Just so you know, I got the repair bill of your chimney from last year.
Get your stuff outside the door this time, and stop wanting so big things!

Regards, Santa and his elves.

PS: attached a copy of our bill for the extra service this year – I believe we are even now.”

We looked at one another, slightly puzzled, but nevertheless excited. And outside the door, we found quite a few other things – and we would have HATED to see those partially burned and soot covered coming out of the chimney:


4 (3) POSES (no mod/no transfer):

• (*cane2_stand
• (*cane2_stand (headTurned)
• (*cane2_stand (crossed)
• (*cane2_kneel

All POSES are static and come with ‘copy’ rights so you can put them into
your posestands or make own poseball arrangements. Some come with head turned
in different direction or free headmovement, to allow for more variety of your pictures.

PROPS (detailed info to each after listing):

Clothing layer (copy/no transfer/no modify):
•  (*MoulinRouge Gloves

Attachments (copy/no transfer/no mod – modify with resize script):
•  (*MoulinRouge GloveFeathers ** – right (w/resize)
•  (*MoulinRouge GloveFeathers ** – left (w/resize)
•  (*MoulinRouge SequinsSkirt ** (w/resize)
•  (*MoulinRouge -FetishCabaret- Cane ** (w/resize)
•  (*MoulinRouge -DownTheChimney- Cane ** (w/resize)
•  (*MoulinRouge TopHat ** (w/resize)

With the upcoming New Year’s Eve in mind, we have focused on something party-suitable that will make you the sparkeling center of New Year’s party, or any other party following after that :-) It’s a special color edition of our MoulinRouge couture line, paired with 4 new poses especially created for the cane in this set. These are different poses as those in our FetishCabaret MoulinRouge, but another perfect addition to them!


You’ll see some more pictures of the hunt-gift as preview on FabFree – Fabulously Free in SL blog.


The feathers are digitally illustrated – so no fuzzy halos or edges and only 100% feather goodness mixed with shiney sequins and stones, for a burlesque performance that will stay in mind! Size of all pieces can be adjusted by click through a simple resize script, and you are able to store the new size if you’d like – please read included notecard about the resize script functions for further details.

You will find two versions of the cane included, -DownTheChimney- Cane is matching up with the poses included in this Hunt Gift, the -FetishCabaret- Cane is aligned to match the poses that we have as (*FetishCabaret SET 20 “MoulinRouge” for purchase in our store. So the only difference is its positioning in your hand to save you some time with aligning in case you have the FetishCabaret poses already or plan to get them.


Burlesque is ment to be erotic fun, so no, there are no panties and bra included in this set. The lingerie worn by one of our models in the picture was created by Forda Fairlane – not sure if you can still purchase it, but sure you’ll have something else to wear it with in your inventory already ;-)


All textures for the items included in this set are created by Chandra Meehan for (*chanimations and deviousMind – if you find them used by anybody else not connected to us, please inform us! Thank you in advance!

More Info’s about “Down The Chimney Hunt”?

Starting December 6th 2009, this hunt is something completely different from what you’d expect of a christmas hunt – like Nuala Shippe, organizer of the hunt, put it so nicely to the point:

The hunt focused on what comes down the chimney, and is not so much turning you into the christmas tree yourself.


As already in Skipping Stones Hunt of late August, the winter hunt features again some of the best vintage, retro, bohemian, artsy type stores, and runs from December 6-20 2009 with approximately 100 stores (need to verify the number of those, not quite sure at moment)  – so just the right timeframe to log in and take a few stops here and there, and rest asured, you can wait with the unpacking of your hunt-gifts till well after christmas, they very likely will not turn out of season :-)

We’re excited to be part again of this great group of designers!

And get of course all the infos you might possibly need:

Hunt Blog:



The BEST surprise of all…

…was surprisingly enough made by the lucky presents – and that even though I thought this time it’d be us who surprises you! But not a few days later, I was proven totally wrong!

As usual, “Santa’s Elf” Chandra was working on the creation of a little something, as the familiar blue dropdown box on the upper right announced inventory…

[2009/11/29] Chic Aeon gave you You’ve been featured — Chic at Phil’s Place.

Needless to say, curiousity got the better of me and I kinda forgot the little detail of being in edit appearance mode (for the snowflake tattoos, just been saving the different layers). Accepting notecard kicked me out of the mode (that’s usual for me too for some reason) and just coming out of edit appearance with my crappy computer – first thing that happend was that the client crashed. *laughs* Annoying enough, especially when you’re curiousity is peaked to the top.

So quite some time later when the system showed mercy to let me log in again, and all the waiting for browsers to start and find website and all that stuff – the surprise really hit in!


Chic Aeon allowed me to use the above picture as well on our blog, thank you so much for setting the gift so gorgeously in scene :-) I resized the image to be smaller, see the large original along with all the review on our lucky presents at her blog here:

So, long story short essence… Thank you SO much, this was the best surprise for me and a wonderful and great post with many details. There couldn’t be any better reward for creating things than reading that these little details are actually noticed :-)))))

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